Who is easier to study in University? To girl or boy

Who is easier to study in University? To girl or boy

This is the most common question for students these years. Ones students think that boys have more privilege than girls. Others think that girls, because of their beauty, talent to talk and do a good makeup are more able to get the better mark. The answer is between.

First of all, the most powerful gun in the studying – the brain. Only with a good mind, opened ideas and free will – the student able to do a good essay or work. If a student wants to get better, to know more and fulfill all gaps in his mind with useful knowledge, he can make it.

who is easier to studyHowever, the question is still exist. who is easier to learn and study?

Based on the studies made by MSU University the most powerful minds in the space sphere are related to boys, who are more interested in spaceships, stars and planets in the universe. It doesn’t mean that girls have no chance in space. It means only that girls have their spheres. Such as humanity and world peace. Most active part os Green Peace is ladies between 18-34 age. Who are free to save the world and don’t have many responsibilities.

Where else is easier for ladies to study?

We don’t need to forget that medicine and schools need women, as first class specialists.  In medicine, especially as wide therapists – ladies are in the first place. From another side, such great tutors in mid-schools and high-schools are girls only. So there is no doubt, that if you are writing A mark essay – this is because you have a great school tutor with woman gender.

Why are ladies the best in studying?

There are some theories, who explain why ladies understand better all the knowledge they need. First of all, because of the structure of their brains, secondly because of the IQ they have.



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