In Education we trust

In Education we trust

Since stone age, it was a most exciting question – in education we trust or God. Or God is education? For sure till now the dispute is still keeping going and nobody can say for sure. Where is the truth? For some people, who are really close to religion and God – thinks that he made it, created the universe and every one of us. For people who are more close to science – it all sounds not very real. Why? Because people who have strong relations with logic need proofs. If he can’t get the proofs, he starts thinking. Is is true? Does it make sense? And so on.

So in education we trust for real or not?

For sure when we are young students, full of energy and power we don’t think about elderness. We think we are going to live forever and doesn’t metter in education we trust or not. Our minds are busy buffering the today’s information. How we are going to spend today night. Where we are going to? And what will we do. All these everyday question makes our lives pointless from the universe point of view. We all need to do something good for this world.

For example, as students from Berkeley made an invention, where proved the less of money power and that humanity can live easily without the money, just to find the main talk between each other.

Other students from LSA College of Michigan invented new version of clothes. What else? That’s it. Do not invent the becycle. Just make the world better in the way you can.

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