Students Sisterhood of MSU

Students Sisterhood of MSU

Hello, today we would like to announce our students sisterhood of Michigan State University. We are happy to say that from today any student-girl can join our organization and grow together with us.

students sisterhood of msu

Our mission is based on the main values of the humanity.

  • Respect the people
  • Love the nature
  • Save the future

All these three aspects will help to grow up a healthy and open-minded team with a bright future.

From day to day we are working hard to prove that our ideas have sense and our aims are reachable. That’s why only smart and strong undergraduates are in high demand in our collective.

What students sisterhood already did?

Before we were a team under the name “Students Sisterhood of MSU”, we were single women, who were changing the world in a good way. Everyone in the nest way they wanted. Some of us, being a part of a charity organization, helping animals in danger, lonely women, who are growing their kids alone, starving people without a permit to work on a good job. Others were a big part of the university life, trying to make a warm and sweet climate weather among students. They wanted to win the racism with all its faces, organizing multi-cultural and multinational events, to show up all the goodness of all races, people, and continents. Based on the statistics, the total misunderstanding between international students is decreasing. Others are in love of the sport, representing Michigan University in many sports competitions, such as football, tennis, swimming.

As we can see, our team is a leadership team of students, who are going only forward and not planning to step back. We will fight for the rights of students, women, and anyone who is in need of help, and the God will help us.

Who wants to join us, please write to Cathy Davision by the university e-mail or visit 304 room in the main campus. Thank you


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